Skinnytrans Express Cargo Delivery


1. Service

1.1. General conditions

1.1.1. Skinnytrans Express Cargo Service (Registration number: 589942) (henceforth Service Provider), accepts door to door delivery orders between Ireland and Northern Ireland and Hungary. For individual requests we pick up items for delivery within a 150 km range in the following countries in the EU: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia. The exact route is dependent of the pick up and drop off locations.

1.1.2. The service is active when a proper contract is made with the client who made an order (henceforth Client) in each and every case. The contract is official, when the Client fills and submits the Order Form via our website (or Facebook page).

1.1.3. The rights and duties not mentioned in the order form and agreement are defined in this General Terms and Conditions.

1.1.4. All debts to the Service Provider collected by Inkasszó Group, and all legal and other proceedings communicated to the Client by them.

1.2. Relocation

1.2.1. The Service Provider only relocate with previous arrangements. Any Contract without pre arrangement is considered void.

1.2.2. The price offer is one time and covers the actual relocation only. Price includes booking of the vehicle, load onto the vehicle and extra protective packing if necessary. The price offer is given in a sum, which is paid by the Client in whichever way is agreed between the Service Provider and the Client. 

1.2.3. The Client turns the arrangement into contract by filling and submitting the Order form specifically made for relocation on the website.

1.2.4. In the case of relocation both the Client and the Recipient – unless it is not clearly recorded on the contract otherwise – are the same person, so the Service Provider seek to contact (sender and recipient) the same person.

1.2.5. Relocation is considered a specialised parcel delivery service internationally, therefore all paragraphs related to parcel delivery true to relocation as well in this Terms and Conditions.

2. Parcel

2.1. General conditions

2.1.1. For the content of the parcel always the Client takes legal responsibility.

2.1.2. Flammable and combustible materials, duty goods (like alcohol, tobacco) , chemicals considered drugs, dangerous, infectious and repulsive materials are not delivered by the Service Provider. The representative of the Service Provider is not responsible of the possible illegal contents of the parcel, for any probable repercussions all responsibility is laid on the sender of that said parcel. The representative of the Service Provider has the legal right to open the parcel if he/she suspects such case and remove the content out of the van.

2.1.3. The content should be packed according to its size and volume, for the interest of the safe delivery.

2.1.4. Name of recipient, their address and the number of the parcel (ie 1/5, means the first out of five) should be visibly placed on the parcel.

2.1.5. If the parcel needs extra care, the Client should signify this on the packaging.

2.1.6. The Service Provider reserves the right to refuse to take the parcel, if they have a valid reason to do so. Reasons included but not limited to: incorrect way of packaging, parcel is dangerous to the vehicle and/or the other parcels, parcel’s content is not accepted (See P2.1.2.).

2.1.7. The packaging has to ensure, that the content cannot be accessed without leaving telltale marks.

2.1.8. The Service Provider has the right to check the content in the presence of the Client to ensure the safety of the vehicle and cargo.

2.1.9. In case the Client places without the knowledge of the Service Provider content in the parcel which is not included in the contract, or it is not allowed, and the Service Provider suffers any financial or material consequences, the Service Provider has the right to pass to the Client all costs related, and demand €50 per hour compensation from the Client.

2.2. Pick up

2.2.1. The contract is issued by the filling of the Order Form on the website. Within 24 hours the Client receives an Acknowledgement in email, and finally has to sign the Delivery Note at the time of the pick up.

2.2.2. Submitting the order a legal contract is issued between the Client and the Service Provider. The Client automatically acknowledges this general terms and conditions.

2.2.3. The cargo is picked up at the address given by the Client in a pre-arranged date and time.

2.2.4. The Service Provider has the right to make the exact date and time of the pick up. This has to be within the time range given in the Acknowledgement email.

2.2.5. The Service Provider takes the cargo from the Client after the Delivery Note checked and signed.

2.2.6. The Client is liable to provide all information asked, also is liable to share any extra circumstancial information with the Service Provider.

2.2.7. Any loss caused by the incorrect information given on the Delivery Note is covered by the Client.

2.2.8. At pick up the Service Provider is liable to let the Client know if the cargo is packed incorrectly or it is damaged. If the Client is not ensure the correct packaging, the Service Provider has to take note on the Delivery Note, which covers any later complaint.

2.2.9. The minimum age limit is 18 years, any person, who can take legal responsibility with their signature.

2.2.10. The Service Provider is responsible for the safety of the cargo, up until hand over at delivery.

2.2.11. The Service Provider reserves the right for any change of its schedule.

2.3. Cancellation

2.3.1. Any contract can be cancelled without extra cost on the Internet or via phone call, up until the representative of the Service Provider arranged the time for the pick up and left for the site.

2.3.2. In the case of already picked up, but cancelled by the Client before delivery, or contracted, but cancelled too late or return to sender cargo the Service Provider reserve the right to demand reimbursement to any incurring cost.

2.4. Delivery

2.4.1. Exact delivery time is defined by the Service Provider within the predetermined time range, between 0-24 hours.

2.4.2. The Recipient is the person who is indicated on the cargo labels or on the attached Delivery Note, as addresse. When the Recipient is not a person, there must be an actual person assigned to receive the cargo on the indicated address. In this occasion this person becomes the Recipient.

2.4.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to check the identity of the Recipient at delivery.

2.4.4. After the Service Provider fullfilled all the general and special conditions described in the Delivery Note (payment, checking for damage, signatures), can only give the cargo to the Recipient.

2.4.5. In case of the damage of the packaging, the Service Provider gives an opportunity to check the content and in the presence of the Recipient takes note of its results for later possible claims.

2.4.6. The Service Provider in case of losing the cargo, partially or fully missing content in ratio of the loss has a responsibility to reimburse the Client up to the value was recorded in the Delivery Note.

2.4.7. Three copies of the Delivery Note is signed as a proof of the service.

2.4.8. The Service Provider is not responsible if the damage in the cargo suffered outside of its activity or unavoidable event occurs. Such outside reason can be included but not limited to:

  • – natural disaster
  • – social obstruction (eg.: war, military/police/customs check or blockade, embargo, riots, protests, strike, rebellion, etc.),
  • – information, images, data destroyed because of an electric or magnetic effect (eg.: lightning strike, magnetic field etc.)
  • – road traffic accident

2.4.9. In case of traffic accident, according general cargo insurance of the Service Provider covered by a third party (Insurance Company), which will reimburse any loss suffered with the cargo.

3. Damaged, missing, unsuccessful delivery

3.1. If the delivery is unsuccessful, if the Recipient does not reside at the given address and cannot be reached by phone, the Service Provider has the right to leave the site. In this occasion the representative of the Service Provider leave a written note, that how and where the cargo can be taken over at a later time. Every extra attempt of delivery will have at least a charge of 50% of the original delivery price.

3.2. In case of unsuccessful delivery, for example the Recipient refuses to receive the cargo, the Service Provider return it to the Sender. On this condition the Client has to pay twice the delivery price (there and back) agreed in the contract.

3.3. If the return unsuccessful too, full rights of ownership transfers to the Service Provider over the cargo, so they can sell them at will. At this point the Service Provider has no obligations neithr to the Client, nor to the Recipient. Any income of the sales supposed to cover all costs involved the losses of the unsuccessful delivery, while any extra income can be returned to the Client.

3.4. If the Service Provider suffer any delay because of the Client’s fault and the Client causes harm of any nature to the Service Provider (e.g. hide any forbidden item in their parcel, the improper packaging of the parcel caused harm), the Client is obliged to pay €50 per hour compensation. Above the delay compensation the Client is obliged to cover any excess cost paid during the incident (excise duty, legal fees, collection costs)!

4. Payment methods, form and currency

4.1. The price of the delivery is always based on the price table displayed on the Service Provider’s website. Any item not displayed on this table is subject of individual agreement.

4.2. All prices are valid between Ireland/Northern-Ireland and Hungary, any other country is subject of individual tariffs.

4.3. If the cargo has significant difference in weight/volume ratio from the usual, the Service Provider reserves the right to switch to pricing based on volume.

4.4. The Service Provider check at the pick up that the cargo is in fact matching with the information given on the Delivery Note. If there is a significant difference, they reserve the right of give a new pricing based on the difference.

4.5. When placing an order the Client has to let know in advance that he/she wants to pay at pick up, delivery or any other way, has to give the currency of the payment at the price given upon order. After the order takes place, any changes in the price have to have a legitimate reason.

4.6. The payment can be paid right after submitting an order via bank transfer or at pick up and delivery with cash. If the payment is in Hungarian Forint (HUF, Ft) or British Pound (GBP, £) the exact amount is calculated with the values of conversion to Euro (€) at the time of the order.

5. Data protection

5.1. In compliance with European Parliament and the Council’s Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data that entered into force on 24 May 2016 and is applicable from 25 May 2018 (“GDPR”). Any data given to the Service Provider, used and stored solely to provide the service offered. No data is passed to any third party without the expressed consent of the Client.

5.2. The Client when submits an order to the Service Provider gives explicit consent to use all data included on the form, for providing the service and future use of the data for high quality and personalised service. The data is yearly refreshed with the consent of the Client and freely accessible to them at any times.

5.3. If consent is withdrawn for any reason or the Client does not use the services of the Service Provider, the data is destroyed after a year.

5.4. The Service Provider passes data related to their customers if the information is requested by law enforcement authorities of the Irish or Hungarian state (ie. police) or European Law Enforcement agencies (Europol, European Customs, etc.).

5.5. The Service Provider obeys the Irish data protection laws (Data Protection Act 1988/2003.) and the EU regulations (EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC).

6. Website and Brand

6.1 The paragraphs below cover the use of the website of the Service Provider (

6.2 With the use of our website the user accepts the terms and conditions below in full, if doesn’t agree with it cannot use our website.

6.3 Our website can only be used by a person over 18 years of age; with the use of our website the user agrees that he/she agrees with our terms and conditions, and can prove that he/she is over 18 years old.

6.4. Copyright (c) 2016, Skinnytrans Express Cargo Delivery.

6.4.1. The following points apply to every user:

a) The Service Provider owns the entire website as a whole, handles the copyright and all related intellectual property on this website, which includes all images, code, colours, logos and all other property affects the company’s identity.

b) All intellectual and copyright property is protected by Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000. Republic of Ireland, and European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012 SI59.

6.4.2. The following is allowed:

  • (a) viewing the website with web browser;
  • (b) downloading web pages into the web browser’s cache, for the easier loading of the website;
  • (c) printing the pages of the website;
  • (d) using the services of the website with web browser,

6.4.3. The user cannot download anything from the website and cannot save it onto his/her computer, except the conditions of the paragraph 6.4.2.

6.4.4. The website cannot be used to any other purpose, but to do business with the Service Provider according the rules in this Terms and Conditions. Any other activity is against the law and has legal consequences.

6.5. With the exception of the conditions specifically stated in this General Terms and Conditions, the contect of the website cannot be changed in any way.

6.6. Unless having related access and rights to do so, the user is forbidden to:

  • (a) republish the website partially or fully without expressed consent;
  • (b) selling, reusing, editing any content on the website;
  • (c) any content related to identification (eg: logos) present and use as their own;
  • (d) copy parts or the full website for commercial uses;
  • (e) republish any content from the website.

6.6.1. Section 6.6. is not extend to the advertisement of the website and sharing on social networks.

6.7. Strictly forbidden to:

  • (a) using the website or doing any digital activity in the manner that it is potentially harm, slow or freeze the website, slows or freezes the access to the website or its performance;
  • (b) using the website in relation to any activities which are against the law, harm other people’s rights or harmful in any other way;
  • (c) using the website in publishing any spyware, virus, worm, keylogger, rootkit or any other harmful program and any activity in relation to these;
  • (d) any data mining or automatic data gathering related to our website (included but not limited to activity logging, data sorting, downloading etc.) without the written consent of the Service Provider;
  • (e) using any automatic interactive program in relation of the website, search engine indexing excluded;
  • () using any aquired data for the purpose of commercial marketing use (included but not limited to email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing, spam emails, etc.).

6.8. It is not allowed to pass any information found on our website to any third party. All information exchanged between the Service Provider and the Client is private and confidential.

6.9. All information given by the Service Provider on the website is true, correct, up to date and full, not misleading.

7. Registration

7.1. Registered name is Skinnytrans Express Cargo Delivery (registration number: 589942) in the Republic of Ireland, 2016. Official Web Address is, company’s postal address: Unit 44, Main Street, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, A63 XY01.

7.2. Online can be contacted on email address, or on phone at the +353 89 419 0855 number .