Our prices

Service Ireland Northern Ireland
0-20 Kg (MAX. Vol. 120 L) €40 £40
20-30 Kg (MAX. Vol. 120 L) €55 £55
31-500 Kg €1.80/Kg £1.80/Kg
Above 500 Kg €1.60/Kg £1.60/Kg
Household appliances (washing machine, dryer, cooker...) €80 £80
4 tyres (car) €55 £55
Mattress (simple/double) €50/90 £50/90
TV/Monitor (LCD) up to 32 inch €35 £35
TV/Monitor (LCD) above 32 inch €1/inch £1/inch
PC, laptop €40 £40
Bicycle(junior) €75(€35) £75(£35)
Buggy/Pram From €40 From £40
Motorcycle up to 50 Cm³ From €120 From £90
Motorcycle 50 Cm³ – 125 Cm³ From €200 From £200
Large Motorcycle From €300 From £300
Dog+kennel(Irish Ferries) From €300 From £300
Cat From €250 From £250
Other small pet (bird, hedgehog, rabbit, guinea pig) From €200 From £200
Box rent in the van Free Free
Plants (Max height 1.6m) €40 £40
Frozen/Refridgerated food €2.5/kg £2.5/kg
Passenger €250 (luggage space up to 25kg provided)+cabin booking £250 (luggage space up to 25kg provided)+cabin booking

Larger that 1m3 items are priced after volume. Please contact us regarding prices.
The cost of insurance is included into all listed prices. Relocation service in Dublin from €55, outside of Dublin prices may vary. For relocation to a foreign country please contact us. For special arrangments please call us on phone (+353 89 419 0855 (Ire)| +3630 360 8154 (Hu)), or send us a message through our contact page.

Our journeys





Fast, discreet relocation address to address within Ireland, Britain and within the EU. Should it be some boxes or your whole personal estate, we are ready to move you without any hassle.
We hold account every bit of item that you do not lose anything you trust with us.

Parcel delivery

Parcel delivery within Ireland, Britain and all over in the EU. We accept furnitures, oversized, fragile and high value parcels, bicycles, even motorbikes for delivery.
There is nothing we are unable to accept for delivery. If it fits into our van we are ready to deliver it to its destination.

Pet delivery

Dogs, cats and other small sized pets delivery, with constant oversight and care. Every each pet is under professional care during their travel time.
We satisfy all the needs of your pet en-route. Do not worry, your pet does not lack anything while it is with us!