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Parcel delivery

Please choose this option, if your order doesn't involve frozen or refrigerated food, or it doesn't involve a full relocation. Some important information to fill out the form:
Area code at the Irish addresses: you have to fill the so called Eircode into it. Where do you find your Eircode? Write your full address into the search engine of GoogleMaps. Under the address you will see a code like this: AB12CD34. This is the Eircode, the Irish area code. Please, if you can, fill the code box, as it is a great help for our colleague, because it pinpoints the exact location in Ireland and confusion can be avoided. This is true for the Northern Irish area code as well.
GPS coordinates: you can find them with GoogleMaps as well. Simply locate the address you are looking for (anywhere on Earth), then click once on the map. The GPS coordinates will appear on the bottom of the point of your choice with the full address. The coordinates are two fraction numbers (the second ones in the larger part of Europe are positive, in Ireland are negative), which just need to be copy/pasted into the proper textbox.

Food order

Please choose this option, when you wish to order a larger amount of food. Please fill the name of the Product as accurate as possible. When you filled the row in, please click the +More Product button for a new row to appear. With the button "X" at the end of the row you can delete any item (it appears when more than one item is on the list only). If the measurement is not standard, at procurement our colleague buys the biggest standard portion possible and tries to be as close to the given measurements as possible. If you do not know the exact name of the product or you do not care, our colleague will choose the basic type every time. If you want to avoid any type or taste please register it in the "Other Items" section. Measurement with liquids is litre, or bottle, in case of portioned product (vegetables, fruits, meat products, etc.) is the multiplication of the usual measurement (Measurement 1kg, portion 5 = 5kg!).


IMPORTANT! Please choose this option only if you are going to hire a full cargo of the van or a full trailer! Please choose this option if you wish to move with Skinnytrans. Before you fill the Relocation order form, please contact us, so we can arrange time, and offer a proper price beforehand! When you fill the form, please give any extra contact information to the notes. Any extra request can be placed here too (timeframe, special access, special delivery instructions, etc.). At the relocation we move up furnitures, so please make sure they are emptied and prepared for delivery, and have enough protection. During relocation the whole van is at the customer's disposal. It is important to make arrangements prior, to see that does the customer needs a full cargo hold or not.